Haik Babaian





Skilled product designer and design lead.

Experienced developer of applications for business and commerce.


Abilities include:


Development skills include:




Microsoft Corporation

User Experience Architect                             July 2009 – present


UX Architect in product development, Windows Live and MSN, Microsoft Ad Sales/AdCenter.  Responsibilities include the research, design, and product development of enterprise class web-based applications for Microsoft Windows Live, Global Foundation Services (GFS), and MSN Finance business.  Work includes Roles and Personae definition, Feature design, Brand Identity creation and extension, and Product management.  Developed (at code level) functional prototypes and POCs that embodied concepts, goals, and capabilities required by the business.  Functional prototypes and POCs (including source code, scripting, and visual assets for reuse) that most often transferred to dev teams providing them a head start for their leg of the project.


User Experience Lead                                               August 2007 – June 2009

UX Lead for Business Intelligence/Cost Of Goods Sold (BI/COGS) within Online Services Division (OSD).  Work includes leading a team of five professionals delivering the design of tools/solutions that include user workflows for simplifying complex BI needs.  Worked with business leadership and managers to refine requirements helping to increase the quality of deliverables.  Provided designs, UX elements (UI maps, swim lanes, flow diagrams, etc.), feature concepts, and mockups for end-to-end solutions.  Presented new designs and concept works to business leadership.

Design & Prototyping SDE                             April 2006 – July 2007


Lead developer, new product development, on Forefront Client/Server Protection (Anti-Malware) with SASD ([Windows] Security Business and Technology Unit). Work includes new feature concept and development, UI and UX (User Experience) development, and defining requirements to specification. Previous product developed: IPSec Lead (product) prototype developer. Product development featuring use of new, emerging technologies: .Net 3.x, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), XAML, and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) technologies included in Microsoft’s Vista (desktop) and Longhorn (server operating system). Work includes discovery on productive application of technologies, risks, and costs therein. Work produces functional prototypes and supporting documents consumed by product, management and development teams.




Developer3                                                  February 2005 – April 2006


Lead developer, new product development, on Jamaica (Anti-Malware) with SBTU ([Windows] Security Business and Technology Unit).  Work includes new feature concept and development, UI development, and defining requirements to specification.  Previous product developed: IPSec AuthFirewall (management console) for administration of security policy.  Work includes development of functional prototypes for usability testing and continued product development (using Whidbey, Yukon, and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 3.0).  Other work included SQL Reporting Services (SRS) and development of Charting objects for web applications.
Lead (product) prototype developer.  Product development featuring use of new, emerging technologies: WinFX, XAML, Indigo, and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) technologies included in Microsoft’s Vista (desktop) and Longhorn (sever operating system).  Work includes discovery on productive application of technologies, risks, and costs therein.  Work produces functional prototypes and supporting documents consumed by management and development teams.



Developer3                                                  December 2004 – February 2005


Lead designer of Microsoft Home and Entertainment Division (HED) Retail Partner global (public/external) web site.  Work includes developing concepts and producing new features and application development.  Other tasks include SQL development of sprocs and views, Proof-of concept development that includes “best practices” and “best use of technology” and design (layout, graphics and typography) in support of visual identity and branding, developing “browser neutral” code.  Large scale, public facing site development using Microsoft Network Project (MNP) (current version), Whidbey, and Yukon.



Developer3                                                  July 2004 – December 2004


Portal Global Client Software (GCS): architected and developed solutions and sites for Microsoft’s corporate network (CorpNet).  Applications integrated System Management Server (SMS), BizTalk and SQL. Other works included SQL Reporting Services (SRS) and advance SQL development for reporting against 50m+ record database, driving and developing requirements and related project management duties.



Developer3                                                  January 2001 – July 2004


Designed and developed EBC Briefing Room System: series of distributed video panels displaying real-time Executive Agenda information on a per account basis.  Project also included design of n-tier, database schema and system infrastructure consisting of multiple servers, system and application redundancy and auxiliary video routing.


Designed and developed EBC Briefing Evaluation tool and Attendee web site: external site for attendees’ use providing personalized Briefing Agenda and attendee evaluation of Executive Engagement held at the EBC. Tool captures data for Executive Sales Group and drives reports that help refine the Attendee experience. Application designed for the CE and Tablet PC platforms and distributed over multiple servers in a 3-tier design and includes factoring for wireless LAN, and public (internet) facing ISA Server.


Developed service request tools for the MS Executive Briefing Center: tool generates and tracks service request tickets and is designed for use by support personnel via Compaq iPAQ PocketPC devices utilizing wireless connectivity. Tool includes web-based OLAP reporting/metrics.


Designed and developed Worldwide Briefing Network (WWBN) UI utilizing corporate branding and guidelines.  Provided feature development and bug resolution for WWBN, including porting legacy code from ASP/VB to C#. Other duties included SQL development and debugging of stored procedures, DTS including logic from the business layer.

Additional duties include management, administration and security of Executive Sales Group’s Datacenter servers running SQL, OLAP, IIS, ISA Server, AD, Exchange, DHCP and a variety of other services.


Other items: Developed solution for Non-MS Asset inventory tracking and reporting, including scanned UPC input feature.  Produced and developed Microsoft Partner Showcase web site for MS Executive Sales Group.  Functioned as liaison to MS Partners, integrated Partners code resources within the Showcase application. Development included secure access for Partner uploads.

Sinclair Control Corporation

Project Manager/Developer (lead)                 February 1998 – January 2001


Managed projects of various sizes (from $100k - $250k) relating to web-based tool development for factory automation and process controls.  Managed teams of developers and engineers.  Duties included reporting directly to CIO in an advisory role regarding project futures.  Developed, QFE and implemented interim solutions for affected critical operations.  Other duties included HMI and PLC deployment.  Produced corporate web site.



Web Developer/Project Manager                   April 1997 – February 1998


Work on Feature Development Team included brainstorming and subsequent specification writing for action items.  Managed development needs for corporate web-site.  Developed dynamic template system and administrative module for use within e-commerce products.  Developed solutions included database schema design and integration planning for existing data from proprietary databases.  Other duties included some content writing and editing and work with “punch-ups” of promotional strategies that included developing art from supporting collateral.


HUS Computers

IT Manager                         October 1994 to April 1997


Managerial duties included management of operations, employee scheduling, workload distribution, customer care (escalated), periodic reporting, vendor relations, employee supervision, project/job supervision and budget management.


E-Commerce Manager

Responsible for architecting, feature development and continued management of company e-commerce web application for the purposes of online sales with real-time fund capturing.




University of California, San Diego -

  Bachelor of Science in Computing and Software Systems, Graduated 6/86


Lockheed Educational Programs –

  Electronics engineering: electronic theory, digital and analog electronic circuit design, component characteristics and usage. Professor Bill Walsh (SEE).

  Application design: concept, workflow, presentation, business logic and data handling/storage. Professor Geoffrey Lietz.


DevelopMentor Series: .NET Web Services –

  Courses included C#, VB.NET coding and advanced programming techniques.